My favorite War Robots Youtubers

In the War Robots universe the number of Youtubers has "exploded" lately. While there were not so many guys showing off their game play and making tutorials when I started to play this game, there many many more until this day. While you would think "Well, what's the difference, they just show the same game in more or less similar videos", I beg to differ. I will show you a variety of channels where each of them has found their individual niche and appeals to a different kind of audience. So here is my list of Youtube channels I visit regularly - in no particular order.

Adrian Chong
Adrians Channel is what I would call the beginner channel. If you are new to War Robots or looking for tutorials on how to play a certain bot, what weapon to choose, Adrian's got you covered. He offers a large amount of (live) commentary as well as live streams. Adrian makes sure to explain even basics like what weapon can penetrate what kind of shield continously.
Adrians favorite phrases: "What is this guy in?"

Stew Pendous
In my opinion by far the most entertaining channel with live commentary. His videos are hilarious, informative and interesting to watch for both, noobs and pros. Stew accepts subscriber requests on what setups to play - although he has quite the backlog - your voice will be heard eventually. Movie references, the evolution of war robots including funny voices, Stew got it all. Most recent funny killing scene on valley map involved a "mountain lion"
Stews favorite phrases: "Got wrecked", "Stuff like that", "Whats up peeps".

Many who are familiar with War Robots will know about Blitheran. He is one of the most skilled players out there who set numerous damage records includng the latest 2.1 Million damage that has yet to be matched. Blitheran usually posts high league game play with occasional live/post commentary.
Blith's trademark: Girly laugh upon a new damage record, the mandatory Blith joke

While chainfire used to post videos with tactical advise and tutorials, he steered his channel in another direction - also due to personal reasons and lack of time. Nowadays, he has 2 live streams each week, one being the Chill-Squad, which is extremly entertaining and funny to watch. He will squad up with clanmates and friend and take on the red team. The second kind of live stream is PYOB Monday. Viewers can suggest certain bot setups and Chainfire will run them - no matter how weird or awkward.
Chain's favorite phrases: "That's what she said", "giggity giggity"

While Manni has just recently joined the War Robots Youtube family, he is putting out funny, informative and quality content - with commentary. While Manni is playing War Robots on the Facebook Game room account, recently he is making efforts to advance with his Android account, too.

He has the most subscribers of all the youtubers in this list. While he is basically showing high level clan game play, he also put out a few tutorials and suggestions on how to improve the game, especially the allways annoying matchmaking and league system.

Predator is a clan mate of Adrian in clan VOX.  I enjoy watching his videos since I like his kind of game style, well calculated, anticipating the opponents moves and very deadly.. He has a few videos with commentary but most of his content is high level game play.

Droopy Sack is a funny, genuine and entertaining guy providing tutorials and game play videos while also sharing alot of his private live with the community. He came up with the #WRtakeover challenge where he got his wife to play a game with his hangar and it turned out absolutely hilarious!! Stew Pendous picked up this idea and had his wife narrate one of his recordings - absolutely funny!
Signature features: Likes to wear hats, calls Molot's "mullets" LOL

Twinky has surrounded herself with a bunch of girl who enjoy playing War Robots and called themselves the Ladies Squad. Those lady's can pack some serious punch and most of them are playing in champions league and are high ranked clan memebers. Twinkys videos are very entertaining and the ladies do not mind some serious swearing and cursing :-)

His channel basically features live commentary game play with occasional test server videos and updates.
Foggys favorite phrases: "Outstanding!" "Inflict damage", "Let's pound a few things", "alrighty...there is a takedown"

This is fairly unknown but that does not mean it is not worth checking out. I consider this weekly show to be very informative and interesting. Dr. Evil, Mr. Higgles and Droopy have discussions related to war robots and even feature guests like the mighty Blitheran. Go check it out, you will not regret it.

And if all of the above is not enough for you hardcore war robots addicts, here are some more upcoming and interesting channels to check out:

Bag of Soup - I call it the family channel, since his kids occasionally join him for his gameplay videos, especially on the test server.

Lee the Fighter




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