My thoughts on the recent - en vogue - dash bot shaming

Yeah yeah yeah... we've heard it all... the dash bots are OP, NERF!!!, screw Pixonic...yada yada yada...

First of all, yes, I do have dash-bots, 3 of them. 1 Bulgasari and 2 Haechi's. And yes, I put some money into the game to get them through the black market. Not too much really. I was extremly lucky to get them.

I believe it needs to be differed between the bots and their abilities and the way they are made available to the players.

Are the bots overpowered? Yes, slightly. After I got the first dash-bot, I loaded it with 3 Orkans (best setup in my opinion) and maxed them out instantly. As all youtubers were not tired to mentioned to "hold on to your silver and gold" until the new bots come out... they kept saying the same thing even before the quick draw bots came out...and guess what, they were made available with f**king influence points - yet another currency. Alright, back on topic... the first week I used it, my average damage increased to 750'000. After that, 2 things happened:

First, players adapted and secondly, players became more aware of the dash-bots being around. Now, what has this done to the current game meta? Players adapted/countered the upcoming dash-bots...with.... drum rollll... yes, with more Ancilots and more plasma. So the appearance of the dash-bots has actually caused an increase of the very bots they were supposed to counter. And that brings us to the 2nd issue, the way how Pixonic made those bots available. In their defence, they very well knew that many players had safed gold and silver for a long time since the wild bunch bots didn't turn out desireable to the majority of players. In my opinion, it would have been much fairer to make them available for gold currency (even with prices of 5000, 6000 and 7000 gold). Alternativly they could have made them available through the black market, but not allow the purchase of keys. This way, everybody would have the same chance to get the korean bots. Now - as long as the dash-bots are overpowered as they are - they will sort of dominate the battle field - hand in hand with Ancilots.

I believe at this point the latest, Pixonic realized that there is a shit load of money to be made by introducing overpowered, desirable new bots to the players who would crave to have the latest stuff. They have gone the same route with the new inquisitor bot - overpowered, too and with a price tag of $300 indeed more then questionable.

Nowadays, the other team jumps on you with 2 or 3 bots at the same time, slaughering the dash-bots as fast as possible since they obviously propose a great threat. Do you remember, the same thing happened after the Ancilots came in masses? RDBs and mid-range was used to shoot down their shields and everybody tried their best to kill that Lancelot. And today, Ancilots are no real danger unless you are in a plasma griffin without cover nearby.

So YES, I will keep running the shit out of my dash-bots because we all know Pixonic will nerf them after all the whining and crying of people who were not lucky on the black market. After they are done nerfing them - and as usual, they will go the extrem opposite way and nerf them too much - they won't be significant anymore.

A general note on the black market: I believe it is a good idea to have the black market around. Basically you are getting free stuff while playing - what you would do anyway. Now you even get extra stuff. Therefore I don't agree with peoples bitching about it and complain to Pixonic "Give me my dashbot!!".

I personally won't spend any more money - except the 10 bucks premium membership to get additional keys. I may never get the Inquisitor, but that is absolutely okay.


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